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Male Grooming Treatments for Today’s Man


All of our other Facial, Body, Massage and Holistic Treatments can also be tailored to suit male skin. Just choose what you require and we will tailor the treatment to your specific needs.Male Grooming Treatments



Eyebrows £6
Nostrils £5
Ears £5
Neck / Hairline £5
Shoulders £8
Back £15
Chest £15
Full Leg £25


MALE MANICURE – 30 Minutes £15

File, Cuticle Work and Massage

MALE PEDICURE – 45 Minutes £20

Foot Soak, Exfoliation, Masque, File, Cuticle Work and Massage

MALE FACIAL – 60 Minutes £27

Tailor made facial using Neals Yard Products including a Chest, Face, Hand and Arm Massage.


Please visit our Aftercare Advice page for useful tips!


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